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There’s just one day left for the ebay auction of “Las Bodegas de Borja,” a 33×22 cm oil on linen painting by Cecilia Gimenez, the octogenarian whose botched restoration of “Ecce Homo,” a fresco on the wall of her church in Borja, Spain, has brought her international acclaim. Current ebay bid for the landscape is 1020 Euro. Cecilia donated the work to Caritas, a Catholic charity, which put the painting up for auction.

I looked up “bodega” and found three meanings — wine cellar, storeroom, and grocery store. Not sure what Cecilia is depicting in her painting, but I’m impressed by her drafting skills. Olé, Cecilia.


Earlier today, I posted folk artist Howard Finster‘s painting of Marilyn Monroe draped in a flag. Above is another Finster portrait of Marilyn. The notations shed light on Finster’s symbols, such as the women flying through the air (“Woman power from earth into space”). A limited edition print of this charming portrait is currently for sale on ebay ($795) — see this link.

Finster, a Baptist minister who lived in Georgia, also created album covers for Talking Heads and R.E.M. He passed on to the great easel in the sky in  2001 at age 84 — after creating over 46,000 pieces of art during his colorful lifetime.


In the above wooden cutout painting (Marilyn, 1999) by folk art genius Howard Finster (RIP) — for sale on ebay for $7,999; find it here — Marilyn Monroe stands 6’2″ tall, draped in an American flag adorned with high rise buildings and space ships. You continue to inspire us, Howard and Marilyn!

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