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Poem by Tamara Madison

In dreams my roads fill
with clear sweet water
flowing gently; there is nothing
to carry, I can swim
beyond the flooded buildings,
through countryside covered
with this vast river
to anywhere I need to go
where warm cool water lifts,
surrounds me; it is silver,
it is gray, it has no color, it shines
like fish, is dark and soft
like sleep.  When I wake
the bell pricks like pins
and I want that water
to fill my veins and carry me
on that river back to sleep.

Note: “River” and two other poems by Tamara Madison will be featured in the upcoming Silver Birch Press release SILVER: An Anthology of Eclectic Poetry & Prose.

Photo: “The Tetons and the Snake River” (1942) by Ansel Adams


Silver Birch Press is pleased to announce its upcoming release SILVER: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose, which will feature contributions from a range of established and on-the-rise authors. The poems, short stories, novel excerpts, and essays in the anthology all touch on the theme of silver in some way.

WHY SILVER? The publisher is Silver Birch Press, so silver seems an obvious choice. But the selection  goes deeper. We like this theme because it’s rich, varied, and offers a wide range of possibilities – from second-place finishes, to eating utensils, 25th wedding anniversaries, hair color, swirling fog, coins, bells, jewelry, the tin man, space suits, car bumpers, airplanes, family heirlooms, and on and on.

Release Date: November 15, 2012