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“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

PEDRO CALDERON DE LA BARCA, Spanish poet, dramatist, and priest (1600-1681)




Dusty taste of pistachio

summons the desert,

after the bite

green like the Palo Verde.

Creamy avocado

so smooth on the tongue,

soft in the hand but

hard in the heart.

A sting of Chartreuse

in a sip of the tongue,

burning bite from a bottle.

Now, breathe eucalyptus

inhale mint grass pine

swallow apple olive

drink in green.


Electric, asparagus, yellow, blue

forest, bright, marine and pine

Harlequin, honeydew, India, lawn

camouflage, citrine, emerald, jade

Paris, army, avocado, pear

verdigris, chlorine, office, sky

hunter, Persian, pigment, teal

turquoise, Kelly, moss and sap


Eucalyptus, grass, viridian, green.

“Shades of Green” by Tere Sievers will appear in the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology, a collection of Poetry and prose from over 50 writers in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Africa —  available March 15, 2013.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tere Sievers, originally a Jersey girl, lives in Long Beach, California, and works as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She began writing poetry at CSULB and Beyond Baroque back in the late 70s.  For the enjoyment of the children in her life, she has published a book of children’s poems, Blueberry Pancakes and Monkey Pajamas.  She recently received third place in the Your Daily Poem Apocalypse Poetry Contest.



by Dale Sprowl

A color of aqua lives,

fantastically far from real;

Once I saw it behind Pablo Neruda’s house

in a dream,

a stripe of Chilean ocean, cool and green.

Another time,

though this one real,

I saw it at the beach on Aruba,

Blown with racing winds,

sea over shallow white sand

pale as a pool.

Once I found it in nature

as I stared down at ice floes on Greenland,

white chunks cut into black lake,

each framed by numinous liquid refreshment.


And another time I saw it.

Would you call it real or not?

In Vincent’s sky in “The White Orchard.”

When I saw it,

I wept,


until I saw it again in “The Plow”

and knew I was at home there.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dale Sprowl teaches writing at Biola University in La Mirada, California. During summers, she administrates and teaches at the Young Writer’s Project at UCI. Her work with the UCI Writing Project began in 1981, and she has contributed to the UCIWP texts on the teaching of writing. Her first chapbook of poems, The Colors of Water, published by Finishing Line Press in 2007, and her second chapbook, Moon Over Continent’s Edge (2009), have been nominated for a California Book Award. Her poems have also appeared in PEARL, Fire, A New Song, Ancient Paths, and Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places. She earned her bachelor’s degree in humanities and in history as well as a master’s degree in history from Pepperdine University. An Educator Associate for the American Psychoanalytic Association, she lives in Newport Beach, California, with her husband.

“Aqua Vita” and other poetry by Dale Sprowl will appear in the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology, a collection of poetry & prose from authors around the world — available March 15, 2013.

Painting: “The White Orchard” by Vincent van Gogh (1888)


The submission deadline just passed for the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology, and we’re already planning our next offering: The Silver Birch Press Green Anthology. Scheduled for a spring 2013 release, the “invitation only” anthology will explore the wide and varied connotations of the word “green” — including money, the environment, Irish luck, Iago-like envy, youthful inexperience, Christmas cheer (or uncheer), and so much more. Stay tuned for details!