Poem by Henry Denander

Henry Chesney Baker
and Henry Charles Bukowski;
if I had known about these guys when
I was young perhaps I would have liked
my own name better.
My name is OK now but I was never very
pleased with it when I was a kid.
At that time no one here in
Sweden knew about Chet or Buk
but now it’s good to be able to
tell people that both of them were
named Henry.
And no one needs to know that
Buk never liked Henry
but used Charles instead.


“Accept Your Name” and other poetry and prose by Henry Denander appear in the Silver Birch Press BUKOWSKI ANTHOLOGY, a collection of poetry & prose about Charles Bukowski — available at Amazon.com.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Henry Denander is a poet and artist who lives in Sweden. His latest book is The Accidental Navigator. Find him at henrydenander.com.

Cover art: Mark Erickson and Katy Zartl