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Das front door
These locked-down days
by Subhankar Das

She said come on baby light my virus.
I looked at the deserted road
From my balcony
There were two crows
In their nest
On top of a long long light post.
They know about distancing baby.
The she crow will soon be talking
With her babies.

She is so far away
How can I even try to set the night on fire?
Come on baby light my virus she said.
It was a long distance call
In these lock-down days
The front door is always shut
No one comes knocking.

I will come when all this ends
She said
Or maybe this is just a line she thought
To write on her blue top?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Poet and Publisher of Bangla experimental stuff, Subhankar Das has 30 published books of Bangla and English poetry.

by Shreyas Gokhale

The sky was dark with clouds of mourning shades
The rolling thunder, as lightning invades.

The thunderstorm was storming upside down,
On earth, the fiery gale did seem to frown.

The trees were trembling, swinging flowers and grass
The birds and beasts were bolting through vistas.

A shower of rains had chilled the warmth of noon
The bamboos played enchanting mystery tune.

In such a vehement weather, no one near
I closed my eyes and Oh! I found you dear!

ART: “Sudden Storm” by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The poem describes the scene of a violent rainstorm and the images of the things around. The poet experiences a fiery weather outside and a tumultuous behaviour of all the creatures because of it. In such a scenario when he closes his eyes and looks into his own self, he finds the ultimate solace and the existence of someone divine and dearly in it.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shreyas Gokhale is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College in India. He is also serving as a writer at Keynotes Poets and Writers, Sacramento, California. He also has written several works in Indian languages, including Hindi, Sanskrit, and Marathi. A collection of his Sanskrit verses was published recently in an Indian spiritual magazine, Atmotthaan.