by Jack Foley

In May May told me she was born in June
Which may or may not be true
May’s name belies her month of birth!
May I believe May? Maybe.
Come what may, I’ll have a May Day Celebration with a Mayan
Who doesn’t care in the least that my ancestors came over on the Mayflower
(What do April showers bring: Pilgrims! May flowers!)
Do they dance round the maypole in Mayotte?
They may, and drink May Wine
(But hold the mayo!)
Ah, Mayzie my daisy you drive me so crazy
I’ll bring you some may (I may, though perhaps I mayn’t)
Have a May apple, May,
Though you were born in June.
I’ll love you come what may. (Maybe.)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jack Foley is a widely-published, innovative California poet. He has published 13 books of poetry, 5 books of criticism, and Visions and Affiliations, a chronoencyclopedia of California poetry from 1940 to 2005. His radio show, Cover to Cover, is heard on Berkeley, California radio station KPFA every Wednesday at 3; his column, “Foley’s Books,” appears in the online magazine Alsop Review. In 2010, Foley was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Berkeley Poetry Festival, and June 5, 2010 was proclaimed “Jack Foley Day” in Berkeley. With poet Clara Hsu, Foley is co-publisher of Poetry Hotel Press. EYES, Foley’s Selected Poems, has appeared from Poetry Hotel Press and a chapbook, LIFE, has appeared from Word Palace Press. With his wife Adelle, Foley performs his work (often “multivoiced” pieces) frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their performances can be found on YouTube. Read more at and on his website.