Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper, © The Art Institute of Chicago

Nighthawks, 1942 (excerpt) by Gerald Locklin

In those days, even the
nighthawks wore suits, not
to mention ties and fedoras.
but notice they were hawks,
not owls…
gangsters? gamblers? police
detectives? private eyes?
…it is a clean place, with
good wood, and it is a source
of light for a dark and empty
downtown neighborhood, where the
second-story shades are drawn
to half-mast.
Mark Your Calendars: Gerald Locklin will read his poetry at the Hotel Cafe, 1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, California, Sunday, July 29th at 6 p.m. — the July installment of Tongue & Groove‘s monthly literary series. Find more info here. Wendy Rainey, Dana Johnson, Yuvi Zalkow, and Kerrie Kvashay Boyle (T.C. Boyle‘s daughter) will also appear, along with musical guest Foster Timms. The performers promise a fun, thought-provoking evening — and it’ll only set you back $6!