Congratulations to Philippa Mayall, author of the Silver Birch Press release PHOENIX, for the rave review of her memoir at the Huffington Post. Here are some excerpts from the review by renowned author Jill Robinson.

“…This is a real, a serious, no kidding writer, who’s had a life burned to a crisp by tragedy. (Read the first pages). This is no simple recovery story. Phoenix has the lust, the furor and passion of Norman Mailer (oh, Google him, for God’s sake), of Pynchon, of Kerouac, this book stands up to the fever of some of the clips from the brilliant Kubrick exhibit just closed at LACMA…


…With this fierce memoir, Phoenix, Philippa Mayall comes roaring into the literary world; her sharp and angry Manchester, England, voice barges into the pale and tidy tea room of L.A. literature like a Harley with Drone power.”

Read the entire review at Huffington Post.

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