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by Joan Jobe Smith

Everything was silver when I was a kid with
Hi Ho Silver! and Lone Ranger silver bullets
as silver airplanes flew off to World War 2,
all of our money silver dimes and dollars,
movie stars on the big silver screen smiling
silver teeth wore silver streaked hair, drove cars
made of silver-hump bumpers, big-grinning grills
and hubcaps silver glitter swirls beneath silvery fog
sunsets in San Francisco while I set the supper table
with silver forks, spoons and knives and sometimes
after they tucked me into bed my mother and father
in the living room cheek to cheek danced in the dark
while Artie Shaw’s 78 clarinet played “Stardust”
and I watched, waited to grow up to live my life, too,
beside the light of an endless river of silvery moons.


…”Endless River of Silvery Moons” and other writing by Joan Jobe Smith appears in the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology, a volume that Joan Jobe Smith also co-edited.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Jobe Smith, founding editor of PEARL and Bukowski    Reviewworked for seven years as a go-go dancer before receiving her BA from CSULB and MFA from University of California, Irvine. A Pushcart Honoree, her award-winning work has appeared internationally in more than five hundred publications, including Outlaw Bible, Ambit, Beat Scene, Wormwood Review, and Nerve Cowboy—and she has published twenty collections, including Jehovah Jukebox (Event Horizon Press, US) and The Pow Wow Cafe (The Poetry Business, UK), a finalist for the UK 1999 Forward Prize. In July 2012, with her husband, poet Fred Voss, she did her sixth reading tour of England (debuting at the 1991 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival), featured at the Humber Mouth Literature Festival in Hull. In November 2012, Silver Birch Press published her literary profile entitled Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis: His Art & His Women (& me), available at

Photo: The moon viewed from a boat sailing the inside passage between Vancouver and Juneau by Tony Hisgett.

Night Poem
by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser

The moon put her white hands 
on my shoulders, looked into my face,
and without a word
sent me on into the night. 


Find more poems by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser in BRAIDED CREEK: A Conversation in Poetry, available at


On August 31, 2012, look up into the sky and catch a glimpse of the last blue moon until July 2015! As lovers of lunar trivia know, a blue moon is the second full moon in the same calendar month. (The month’s other full moon occurred on August 2nd.)

Let’s celebrate by featuring a favorite tune about the moon. (Lyrics listed below — just sing along in your mind. I know you know this tune — first published in 1934.)


by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart

Blue moon,
you saw me standing alone
without a dream in my heart
without a love on my own.

Blue moon,
you knew just what I was there for
you heard me saying a prayer for
somebody I realy could care for.

And then there suddenly appeared before me,
the only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper, “Please adore me.”
and when I looked,
the moon had turned to gold.

Blue moon,
now I’m no longer alone
without a dream in my heart
without a love of my own.

Photo: Marius G. Mihalache, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED