Wishing a very happy St. Patrick’s Day birthday to Marcia Meara, whose poetry appears in the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology and Silver Birch Press Green Anthology. And in honor of Marcia’s birthday, this post features an excerpt from her poem “On the River,” which appears in the Green Anthology. 

ON THE RIVER (Excerpt)

by Marcia Meara

Crystal green flows beneath me,

Leafy arches rise above.

  Dip, glide.

     Dip, glide.



Duckweed parts as I float by.

I wonder where they went,

Those ducks.

Gone overnight, it seems.

Another parting, another loss,

And I slide by,

Under all that green.

  Dip, glide.

     Dip, glide.


Just there, in deepest shade,

Sleeping emeralds cling.

Tree frogs rest in their

Smooth, damp skins

Waiting for the silver moon.

They’ll open their eyes for the silver moon.

Sleeping now,

As I pass by.

  Dip, glide.

     Dip, glide.


With arms raised to that same moon,

I once danced along the shore,

Young and wild and full of joy.

Moving to music

That stirred my soul,

And washed in that pale light,

I danced.

Years ago, in that pale, pale light.

I remember it all,

And so much more,

As I slide by.

  Dip, glide.

     Dip, glide.

Visit Marcia at her blog Bookin’ It, where she posts reviews and other book-related articles.