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This is the island of seaside naps and lazy days in chaise lounges, of sailboats and bicycles, lighthouses and gingerbread cottages, artists and professors, carpenters and movie stars, presidential advisors, and, occasionally, presidents.”

From Moon Spotlight on Martha’s Vineyard by Jeff Perk

Photo: Mike St. Jean


Our visit to Martha’s Vineyard wouldn’t be complete without stopping to pay our respects at Abel Hill Cemetery, the final resting place of playwright/screenwriter Lillian Hellman. Her most well-known works include the plays The Little Foxes, Toys in the Attic, and Another Part of the Forest — all Broadway hits. Hellman enjoyed a long career, an interesting personal life (including a 30-year relationship with Dashiell Hammett, who invented the hardboiled detective genre), and a devotion to social causes. In the movie Julia (1977), Hellman and Hammett were portrayed by Jane Fonda and Jason Robards. RIP, Ms. Hellman.


Martha Murphy Applebee

Lives her life so Vineyardly

On her island, in the ocean

That she loves with great devotion.

From Martha’s Vineyard, a children’s book by Peter Barnes (author), Cheryl Shaw Barnes (author), Elaine Lembo (editor), and Susan Arciero (illustrator)

Photo: Martha’s Vineyard cottages by Michele Schaffer. (Find her on Flickr here.)


If you attempt to go in the midst of the summer, brace yourself. The population increases tenfold — up to 150,000 people inhabit the small island…The full-time locals…tell their friends, “See you in the fall,” as soon as June rolls around. They’re also reported to say, “I’m going to America,” when they board the ferry taking them back to Massachusetts. I suppose that’s just how removed they feel, living off on their little island in the Atlantic.”

MELODY CARLSON, author of Love Finds You in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Photo: Edgartown lighthouse by Mike St. Jean. (Find him on Flickr here.)


In Vineyard Haven, on Martha’s Vineyard, mostly I love the soft collision here of harbor and shore, the subtly haunting briny quality that all small towns have when they are situated on the sea.”


The second stop on our summer road trip is Martha’s Vineyard, an 88-square-mile island off the southeast coast of Massachusetts. Long a playground for the rich and famous. the island can only be reached by boat or plane. William Styron (1925-2006), quoted above, author of Sophie’s Choice, spent time on Martha’s Vineyard and found the atmosphere refreshing and rejuvenating. Here’s another Styron quote: “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end.” 

Photo: Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard, by Scott Tidlund. (Find him on Flickr here.)