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Snake-Charming Secrets of the Indian Subcontinent
by James Tate

I was seated at the bar having my usual
five o’clock cocktail, a martini. It had been
a hellish day at the office and I was trying to
shake off some of the tension. “Can I have your
olive?” the stranger sitting next to me asked.
“Hell, no,” I answered testily. “Well, then, can
I have a sip, I’ve never tasted a martini.”
“Get your own,” I said. That shut him up. I
went back to my thoughts. The boss was driving
me too hard, maybe looking for an excuse to
let me go. I wouldn’t be the first. I stared
into the mirror behind the bar. The man next
to me looked truly wretched. “What’s your
problem, pal?” I said to him. “You’re not
eating your olive,” he said.

SOURCE: “Snake-Charming Secrets of the Indian Subcontinent” appears in James Tate‘s collection The Eternal Ones of the Dream: Selected Poems 1990-2010, available at

IMAGE: “Martini with Green Olive” by Sharon Cummings. Prints available at

by Lori McGinn

Do you remember?
There was that time
You were all fashion savvy,
With your martini,
your fancy cigarette holder?
Pall Mall cigarette poised.
There was a pool, a party,
Me, at the bottom of the pool
looking up, wondering when to breathe.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lori McGinn is a mom, grandma, baker of cookies, visual artist, and writer of poems. A native of Whittier, California, her work has appeared in several anthologies and her chapbook, Waiting, was published as a part of the Laguna Poets Series.
“Woman with a Green Olive, Floating” and other poetry by Lori McGinn appears in the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology — a collection of poetry and prose from more than 70 authors around the world — available at (free Kindle version until 12/21/13).

Photo: “Classic Martini” by Ken Johnson, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED