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This is the island of seaside naps and lazy days in chaise lounges, of sailboats and bicycles, lighthouses and gingerbread cottages, artists and professors, carpenters and movie stars, presidential advisors, and, occasionally, presidents.”

From Moon Spotlight on Martha’s Vineyard by Jeff Perk

Photo: Mike St. Jean


If you attempt to go in the midst of the summer, brace yourself. The population increases tenfold — up to 150,000 people inhabit the small island…The full-time locals…tell their friends, “See you in the fall,” as soon as June rolls around. They’re also reported to say, “I’m going to America,” when they board the ferry taking them back to Massachusetts. I suppose that’s just how removed they feel, living off on their little island in the Atlantic.”

MELODY CARLSON, author of Love Finds You in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Photo: Edgartown lighthouse by Mike St. Jean. (Find him on Flickr here.)