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johnny depp

Johnny Depp (in a photo from a few years ago, it appears) gets caught reading on a train — and looks none too thrilled. Go back to your book, Johnny. Looks like it will take many train rides to finish this one — whatever it is. If you’re reading this Monsieur Depp, let us know. Bon voyage!

UPDATE: Duh! I realize this is a scene from the film THE TOURIST (2010) — a not-that-great movie but worth seeing for the locations.

UPDATE 2: The novel that Johnny Depp reads on the train in THE TOURIST is The Berlin Vendetta by Charles Torbett — a book that exists only in the movie.


May is “Get Caught Reading” month sponsored by Get Caught Reading — a nationwide campaign launched in 1999 in the U.S. to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read.

Research indicates that early language experience  stimulates a child’s brain to grow and that reading to children gives them a huge advantage when they start school — so the folks at Get Caught Reading hope to encourage people of all ages to enjoy books and magazines and to share that enjoyment with the young children in their lives. Teachers and librarians across the U.S. have set up “Get Caught Reading” corners, allocating a special time each day for leisure reading, and taking photos of students “caught reading” for classroom posters.

Get Caught Reading  offers free posters and free video downloads to help spread the word about this outstanding literacy campaign. For more information, visit

Get Caught Reading Poster: Keira Knightley reads ANNA KARENINA by Leo Tolstoy. (For the record, Knightley starred as the titular figure in the 2012 film version, directed by Joe Wright. I’ve read the book and have seen the movie — and for those who haven’t done both, trust me, the book is much better.) Download ANNA KARENINA (in a masterful translation by Constance Garnett) for free in a variety of formats at

MAY I SUGGEST (FOR THE MONTH OF MAY): If you’d like to send a photo of yourself  reading a book, leave us a comment. We will contact you about where to email the photo. We’ll feature these photos  — if we receive any — on the Silver Birch Press blog during May (Get Caught Reading Month).