Dolphins by Chris Catton, a companion book to the PBS-TV special, Dolphinsis an illustrated survey of the history and behavior of dolphins — exploring their unique forms of communication, their relationships with humans, and the manifold threats to their survival. Find copies of this 160-page, illustrated book for just one cent (plus shipping) at

This book also offers insights into how dolphins were viewed and depicted in ancient mythology. Read a fascinating excerpt from Dolphins by Chris Catton at

Here is a passage:

The image of dolphins rescuing sailors or carrying humans recurs again and again in myth and folklore. According to Plutarch, for example, a native of the Greek island of Paros once found some fishermen about to kill some dolphins they had caught, and bargained for their release. Some time later, while sailing between Paros and the neighbouring island of Naxos, his boat overturned in a storm. Of the crew, he alone survived, rescued by a dolphin that carried him on its back to the nearby shore…the dolphin…is set above other animals not only because it is friendly with humans, but because it has a sense of morality and honor.