the silver mirror (Excerpt)
by Charles Bukowski

she pulls a large silver mirror
from her purse
and starts to pencil her eyebrows.
the left eye is bruised where she
fell several nights ago.
the afternoon sun comes through the
blinds behind her…
the afternoon sun seeps through her
red-brown hair. quickly she crosses
her legs, swings her foot up and
down. she drops the silver mirror
back into her purse, looks up at me –
her eyes very large and the palest
green that I have ever seen, and
down through Georgia and New Orleans
and up in Maine
the whole world is caught in her glance
and at last
the universe is

“the silver mirror” appears in Charles Bukowski‘s collection What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire.

Illustration: “Georgia & Hank,” a painting by Jocelyne Desforges, after a photo ©Joan Gannij, appears in the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology, available at

Editor’s Note: According to Charles Bukowski’s Scarlet, a memoir by Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood, Charles Bukowski wrote “the silver mirror” for Georgia Peckham-Krellner, who was with Cupcakes the night she first met Bukowski. Find the fascinating Charles Bukowski’s Scarlet at