ImageOn Saturday, July 7, 2012, writer Joel Metzger (right in above photo) and the cast of Hothouse Bruiser – including John Terry (pictured at left) – celebrated their breakthrough new program.  The audio series – which will be available soon as phone aps on multiple platforms – takes listeners on a journey through the mysterious, future-noir cityscape of the Los Angeles Quarantine.

Hothouse Bruiser offers the gritty romanticism of Raymond Chandler and the weird what-if-ness of Philip K. Dick in an original brew like nothing ever heard before.  With a brilliant script by Metzger and outstanding performances by a stellar cast — headed by Paul Nobrega in a star turn as Jason “Bruiser” Brusman —  this addictive audio treat will be available in nine 30-minute episodes. For more about this exciting new series, visit

Joel Metzger‘s story about how he brought Hothouse Bruiser to life is an inspiring (and instructive) tale that shows his own true grit. More on this in an upcoming post.

Photo by Silver Birch (shot in Los Angeles, July 7, 2012)