by Patricia McGoldrick

green jardinière
molded with plant motifs
Victorian gem

© 2016 by Patricia McGoldrick

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This plant holder, jardinière, has passed though several generations. It is a precious link to my mother’s ancestors who came from Ireland over a century ago. It has survived through travels, moving, and many children’s growing years! I treasure this piece from the past, truly a prized possession!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patricia McGoldrick is a Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, poet and writer, inspired by the everyday. She is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets. Recent publications include the poems “Limerick on Laundry” and “haiku on home” in Verse Afire print issues; online titles are posted at and in Red Wolf Journal you’ll find her poem “Urban Upcycling.” Visit her website or find her Twitter @pmgoldrick27.