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by Wm. Todd King

is never going to be
under pressure perfect
curvy cellulite.

SOURCE: Kim Kardashian at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wm. Todd King is a poet and Regulatory Compliance Supervisor living in Kentucky. He is the recent finalist in the Found Poetry Review’s Dog Ear Poetry Contest, and a participant in 2013’s Pulitzer Remix project. His works have appeared in STILL, the Silver Birch Press NOIR Erasure Poetry Anthology, Life’s Vivid Creations, and Found Poetry Review.

by Karen Massey

We real privileged. We
full face fashion. We

glitz and glam. We

tweet lifestyle. We
all this stuff. We

TV family. We
Givenchy. We

carry a tune. We
do what we do.

SOURCE:  The Kim Kardashian Interview: Cleopatra With A “K” by Laura Brown (Harper’s Bazaar, Feb. 9, 2011).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Karen Massey writes in Ottawa, Canada. She has an MA, has published one chapbook, and her work has won local and regional prizes and appeared in a range of literary journals and anthologies. Recent online publication includes, and one of her poems was featured on the Chaudiere Press blog during National Poetry Month 2014.