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Caption: “What a coincidence! I couldn’t help noticing you’re reading a book I was thinking of reading myself.” 

Credit: New Yorker cartoon by Frank Modell, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Ellaraine Lockie (pictured above right with poet Juanita Torrence-Thompson), author of the Silver Birch Press release COFFEE HOUSE CONFESSIONS sent this photo from her Saturn Series reading in New York City on April 22, 2013. Congratulations to Ellaraine on her East Coast reading tour, where she read from COFFEE HOUSE CONFESSIONS. A selection from the book is included below. Find COFFEE HOUSE CONFESSIONS in paperback and Kindle versions at

by Ellaraine Lockie

He asks if I’m Carol
A serious man squeezing a paper coffee cup
and smelling like an ad for Calvin Klein cologne
My denial so devastatingly disappointing
that he dashes straight to his Porsche convertible
And in despair peels out of the parking lot
Or his expectation so exceedingly unmet
that he chauffeurs disillusion and any further gamble
to his wheels of fortune and spins out of the game
I don’t even know the rules
But finish my iced Italian roast
Feeling like a woman who lied on her resume