Caption: Heart palpitations…clammy…butterflies in stomach…dry mouth…

Credit: Roz Chast and New Yorker, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

In Los Angeles, the flowering trees start to bloom in February — and that’s as close as we get to spring in a place where the weather is pretty much the same all year long. Still, I’ll admit to bouts of spring fever — especially during our infrequent rain showers.

And that reminds me of what I consider one of the funniest things about living in Los Angeles — the rain attire worn by adults and children during our rare, rare, rare rains. Yes, ┬áthese folks have special wardrobes — colorful slickers, ornate umbrellas, stylish rain boots — that they use as armor, as if they will melt from a drop of water like the witch did in the Wizard of Oz. As someone who grew up in the rain-soaked Midwest, where we had no special rain wardrobe, I find this quite, quite amusing.