In February 2013, Silver Birch Press published DEBT by Rachel Carey, one of the best novels we’ve ever come across (as a reader or publisher) — with everything you’d want in a great read: fascinating characters, humor, wit, a page-turning story, and terrific writing. We recently updated the cover of DEBT (see above) to better impart the novel’s central idea — how student loan debt bleeds into every aspect of someone’s life.


But the book with the original cover (shown at left) has recently garnered an impressive piece of press coverage — a video review and recommendation for summer reading at the trendy site mommalogues, where reviewer Jenni Chiu called it “a satirical, witty read.” 

Congratulations, Rachel on the stellar shout out! We are proud you’re a Silver Birch Press author and we’ve played even a small part in what we are sure is the start of an amazing literary career. You are a writer par excellence. Let the buzz begin!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: RACHEL CAREY is a writer and filmmaker. She received an MFA in Film Directing from NYU, an M.Ed. from Harvard, and a BA in English from Yale. She currently lives with her family in New Jersey and teaches college film classes. Debt is her first novel.

DEBT, a novel by Rachel Carey is available in paperback and Kindle at