by Mathias Jansson

First I didn’t know
I’m so honored
So proud
The first I’m the first we’re the first
Dreaming one #1
The biggest dream
I’m so honored
I’m just so honored
I kind of have the biggest one
Like a little accident
That little surprise!
Totally First

SOURCE: “Kim Kardashian breaks silence on Vogue cover,” interview with Seth Meyers (hollywoodlife.com).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and poet. He has contributed with visual poetry to magazines such as Lex-ICON, Anatematiskpress, Quarter After #4, and Maintenant 8: A Journal of Contemporary Dada. He has also published a chapbook at this is visual poetry and contributed with erasure poetry to anthologies from Silver Birch Press. Visit him at mathiasjansson72.blogspot.se, or his author’s page at Amazon.com.