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A big “thank you” to visitors from 47 countries who have paid 3,000 visits to our blog in just six weeks. Our appreciation to (in order of number of visits): United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, Netherlands, Australia (a continent), India, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, Russian Federation, Portugal, Cyprus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Taiwan, New Zealand, Chile, Finland, Hungary, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Austria, Kuwait, Romania, Hong Kong, Belgium, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Lithuania, South Africa, Panama, Bolivia.

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Illustration: Chat Mauve (purple cat) by Walasse Ting


Nobody before or since has been able to capture the feline essence like the wondrous Walasse Ting (1929-2010). For many artists and writers, cats are muses — and this was definitely true for Ting. Enjoy!


The Silver Birch Press blog is celebrating its one-month anniversary — and we’re honored to report over 2,000 visits from people in 41 countries! Thank you for stopping by!

Our appreciation to visitors from (in order of frequency of visits): United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Greece, Japan, Brasil, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Chile, Australia (a continent!), Czech Republic, Pakistan, Serbia, Romania, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Cyprus, Lithuania, Philippines, Indonesia, Denmark, Belgium, Taiwan, Republic of Korea.

Illustration: “Chat rose” (pink cat) by Walasse Ting (one of my favorite artists). Find more of Ting’s work here.