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by Matthew Zapruder

Today in El Paso all the planes are asleep on the runway. The world
is in a delay. All the political consultants drinking whiskey keep
their heads down, lifting them only to look at the beautiful scarred
waitress who wears typewriter keys as a necklace. They jingle
when she brings them drinks. Outside the giant plate glass windows
the planes are completely covered in snow, it piles up on the wings.
I feel like a mountain of cell phone chargers. Each of the various
faiths of our various fathers keeps us only partly protected. I don’t
want to talk on the phone to an angel. At night before I go to sleep
I am already dreaming. Of coffee, of ancient generals, of the faces
of statues each of which has the eternal expression of one of my feelings.
I examine my feelings without feeling anything. I ride my blue bike
on the edge of the desert. I am president of this glass of water.

SOURCE: “April Snow” appears in Matthew Zapruder’s collection Come on All You Ghosts. (Copper Canyon Press, 2010), available at

IMAGE: “Snowflakes and Sakura Blossoms,” available free at this link.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matthew Zapruder is the author of several collections of poetry, including Come On All You Ghosts (2010), The Pajamaist (2006), and American Linden (2002). With Brian Henry, Zapruder co-founded Verse Press, which later became Wave Books. As an editor for Wave Books, Zapruder co-edited, with Joshua Beckman, the political poetry anthology State of the Union: 50 Political Poems (2008). His own poems have been included in the anthologies Best American Poetry (2009), Third Rail: The Poetry of Rock and Roll (2007), and Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century (2006), as well as Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook (2010). Zapruder’s honors include a Lannan Literary Fellowship and a 2008 May Sarton Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has taught at the New School; the University of California Riverside, Palm Desert; and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’s Juniper Summer Writing Institute. He lives in San Francisco, where he is also a guitarist in the rock band The Figments.

We are pleased to post the third submission in our call for erasure poems, created with software at Clint Margrave turned to Herman Mellville‘s classic novel — and Margrave’s favorite — Moby Dick (1851) for source material. (Find the original text here.) The title of the poem (“Loomings”) is also the title of the first chapter of Moby Dick.


Erasure poem by Clint Margrave


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Clint Margrave lives in Long Beach, California. His first full-length collection of poems, The Early Death of Men, is newly released from NYQ Books. His work has also appeared or is forthcoming in The New York Quarterly, Rattle, Ambit (UK), 3AM (UK), Pearl, Serving House Journal, Word Riot, and Nerve Cowboy, among others. His poetry and prose are featured in the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology (November 2012), the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology (March 2013), and the Silver Birch Press Summer Anthology (June 2013).

Download Moby Dick for free at


We are pleased to announce the first submission in our call for erasure poems created at Thomas R. Thomas — whose work also appears in the Silver Birch Press Summer Anthology, available at — submitted the erasure poem below, using a passage from The History of Insects (find the text here) as source material. Thank you, Thomas!

Erasure Poem by Thomas R. Thomas


Try it yourself at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas R. Thomas was born in Los Angeles  and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley west of LA. Currently, he lives in Long Beach, California. For his day job, he is a software QA Analyst. He volunteers for Tebot Bach, a community poetry organization, in Huntington Beach. Thomas has been published in Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of 2 Idiots Peddling Poetry, Creepy Gnome, Carnival, Pipe Dream, Bank Heavy Press, Conceit Magazine, Electric Windmill & Marco Polo. In November 2012, Carnival released his eChapbook, Scorpio, and Washing Machine Press released a chapbooklette called Tanka. In 2013, World Parade Books will publish a book of his poetry. Visit his website at


I visited the wonderful Wave Books site today and made attempt at an erasure poem — thanks to the site’s easy-to-use erasure poetry software. Try it yourself at Today’s text came from The Voyage Out, a novel by Virginia Woolf. Find the source material for my erasure poem here.



For a fun frolic into the world of erasure poetry, visit the wonderful Wave Books site — and create an erasure poem with ease.


Below is my humble offering (taken from MOBY DICK by Herman Melville).

MY ERASURE POEM, “Moby Money”:

Try it yourself!

Send in your erasure poems and we’ll publish them on our blog!

Happy erasing!