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Thank you to the 87 writers — from 24 states and 16 countries — who participated in our IF I Poetry & Prose Series, which ran from September 28 – October 26, 2016. Based on emails and comments, this series was a reader favorite! Many thanks to the following authors for their amazing work!

Azia Archer-DuPont (Minnesota)
Roberta Beary (Maryland)
Lana Bella (Vietnam)
Nina Bennett (Delaware)
Norma Bernstock (Pennsylvania)
Steve Bogdaniec (Illinois)
Timothy Cheeseman (Ohio)
Tricia Marcella Cimera (Illinois)
Wanda Morrow Clevenger (Illinois)
Clive Collins (Japan)
Neil Creighton (Australia)
Jay Deitcher (New York)
Kathy Lundy Derengowski (California)
Casey Derengowski (California)
Steven Deutsch (Pennsylvania)
Cal Freeman (Michigan)
Martina R. Gallegos (California)
VIjaya Gowrisankar (India)
Deepali Gupta (India)
Brenda Davis Harsham (Massachusetts)
Tom Holmes (Mississippi)
Veronica Hosking (Arizona)
Caroline Johnson (Illinois)
Jacqueline Jules (Virginia)
Tim Kahl (California)
Gordon Kippola (Texas)
Steve Klepetar (Minnesota)
Tricia Knoll (Oregon)
Barbara Krasner (New Jersey)
Jennifer Lagier (California)
Bernadine Lortis (Minnesota)
Marjorie Maddox (Pennsylvania)
Mohini Malhotra (District of Columbia)
Betsy Mars (California)
Mary C. McCarthy (Pennsylvania)
Catfish McDaris (Wisconsin)
Michael Minassian (Texas)
Alice Morris (Delaware)
Phetote Mshairi (Oklahoma)
Heidi North-Bailey (New Zealand)
Debasish Parashar (India)
Thomas Park (Missouri)
Marianne Peel (Michigan)
James Penha (Indonesia)
Tim Philippart (Michigan)
D.A. Pratt (Canada)
Kelly Ramsdell Fineman (New Jersey)
Jonaki Ray (India)
Patrick T. Reardon (Illinois)
Mark Redford (England)
Scott Redmond (Scotland)
Bethany Reid (Washington)
C.R. Resetarits (Mississippi)
Jeannie E. Roberts (Wisconsin)
Esther Rohm (Ohio)
Kerfe Roig (New York)
Lois Roma-Deeley (Arizona)
Sarah Russell (Pennsylvania)
Barbara Ruth (California)
Wilderness Sarchild (Massachusetts)
Susan Schirl Smith (New Hampshire)
Shloka Shankar (India)
Sheikha A. (Pakistan)
Jane Shlensky (North Carolina)
Ndaba Sibanda (Kuwait)
Alex Simand (California)
Leslie Sittner (New York)
Sarah Dickenson Snyder (Massachusetts)
Massimo Soranzio (Italy)
Carol A. Stephen (Canada)
Ryan Stone (Australia)
Jacque Stukowski (Illinois)
Elizabeth Kate Switaj (Marshall Islands)
Terrence Sykes (Virginia)
Amanda Tanner (Michigan)
Vincent Van Ross (India)
Alan Walowitz (New York)
James Walton (Australia)
Mercedes Webb-Pullman (New Zealand)
Kelley White (New Hampshire)
Lynn White (Wales)
Lin Whitehouse (England)
Ginna Wilkerson (Florida)
Lozan Yamolky (Canada
Jonathan Yungkans (California)
Joanie HF Zosike (New York)


Leaving Home
by Ginny Short

The train whistled
On its way out of town
The past a tattoo
On the small of my back
Ahead the sweep of bridges over vast canyons
Tracks through open fields
Towering western gorges
dance of ocean waves on rocky spit and glitter-strand

I never looked back
The wind on the train
Became a sunflower on my tongue
While marigolds bled through my pores

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This is a set of train tracks, now abandoned, heading along what was once the Bradshaw Trail in Southern California.  It represents to me the amazing trails that led from New Mexico (where I grew up) through Arizona and into California.  I feel like my journey here was just following old trails and tracks…nothing new, but new for me. (Photo by the author.)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I left home when I was 18, taking a train that moved me across three states. I couldn’t wait to move, and I never looked back. It was a breathtaking ride and it has led me to a breathtaking life!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ginny Short is currently a student at the Regis University Mile High MFA program in Denver, Colorado, studying poetry and creative nonfiction. Her day job as an ecologist in the field of conservation and plant and animal ecology takes her into the extreme conditions of the deserts of Southern California, where she finds ample inspiration for her writing. Writing is a passion that comes from her love of the natural world. She loves reading, writing, photography, and playing with her abundant menagerie, all of whom are rescue animals.