Waiting Through Somnambulance
by Nalini Priyadarshni

Listening to the silence
In the quiet of the night
I am waiting
For you to wake up
You continue sleepwalking

How could it be
That you saw my ties
but missed the pearls
Scattered around me
I know you will gather them once you wake up

Sitting in the dead of night
I embroider these pearls
into the design of my tapestry
while I wait for you to wake up

At times waiting hurts more
Than the needle that pricks my finger
And draws out the blood
More pearls than rubies surround me
As I wait for you to wake up

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Waiting Through Somnambulance” is part of Puppet on a String, an anthology by Destiny to Write Publications. A free copy of the ebook can be downloaded by visiting this link.

IMAGE: “Study on the Proportion of the Head and Eyes” by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nalini Priyadarshni is a poet, writer, editor, and amateur photographer. Her work has appeared at Up the Staircase Weekly, eFiction India, Mad Swirl, Crescent Magazine, The Riveter Review, Writes & Lovers Café, The Gambler, Camel Saloon, Earl of Plaid, CUIB-NEST-NIDO, and The Open Road Review as well as in numerous anthologies, including I Am Woman, Awakening of She, and Art of Being Human. Her forthcoming publications include Maelstrom Journal, Undertow Tanka, and Phoenix Photo and Fiction.