by Lynn Tait

I wait for the discovery of a new frontier,
          straight up and flying,
          no war of the worlds,
          anarchy to wither away,
          a perpetual rebirth.

I wait for the Second Coming,
          a revival, sweeping wrath away,
          God’s supper served
          to an army of the meek.

I wait for forests and animals
          to reclaim the earth,
          to destroy all nations
          without killing anybody.

I wait for a planet of lovers and weepers
          to lie down together,
          no axe to grind;
          a happiness reconstructed
          with tv rights lost to music.

I wait for clarity, in a wonderland
          where the darkest tower grows
          new each morning in green fields,
          to strains of unpremeditated poems
          embracing a forever renaissance

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  My erasure version of “I Am Waiting” is wishful and whimsical, but I managed to keep a social/political slant to the poem. Ferlinghetti’s poem is just as relevant now as it was the then.

IMAGE: “Edna St. Vincent Millay” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. For more information, visit georgekrevskygallery.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynn Tait is an award-winning poet and photographer residing in Sarnia, Ontario. Her work has appeared in numerous literary magazines including the Windsor Review, Contemporary Verse 2, Quills Literary Magazine and in over 70 anthologies from Canada and the U.S. She published a chapbook Breaking Away, in 2002 and a book with four other poets, Encompass I, in 2013.