by Crystal Senter-Brown

when I am home, I am seven again
I am dusty pigtails and five best friends
I am hopscotch on hot sidewalks
wearing pink jelly shoes
I am 4th in line at the dollar pool

when I am home,
I am the Christmas parade on main street
I am two tiny bare feet in panther creek
I am a dairy queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone
and Saturday morning cartoons with my big brother jerome

when I am home,
I am tent revival on wednesday nights
I am brass offering plates with the crushed velvet lining
I am amazing grace and the taste of fried chicken
I am red koolaid and switches picked for lickin’s

when I am home,
I am slowed down, whole
I am the daughter of janice and joe
I am miss frances’ granddaughter
and ella’s twin
I am the poet who remembers to stop just to take it all in

when I am home.

PHOTO: The author at age 8.

Crystal Senter Brown Headshot

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Although I can travel anywhere in the world, my favorite place to visit is my hometown — Morristown, Tennessee.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Crystal Senter-Brown is a mama, wife, poet, adjunct professor and author of five books.