nutcracker vest
The Vest
by Hannah Arnold

Christmas 2011: Extraordinary
Clothes, makeup, phone case on the list
Everything a thirteen-year-old wanted
I got everything, and an extra bonus yet to come
We ate and we were merry
My surprise was ready
The vest.
Red and gold sequined,
Nutcracker front and center
No piece of clothing described Christmas better
It was all mine!
I was pulled aside.
My favorite uncle congratulating me
A family tradition,
In my hands.
Smile spread from cheek to cheek
I slipped it on.
Everyone took my picture
The tradition was mine
I felt famous.
I must carry on the tradition.
When I’m ready of course!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: For my poem I used the memories and details from that day that stuck out to me most to shape each line.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hannah Arnold, 17, lives in Monroe, Georgia, and attends George Walton Academy. She plays softball for her school and for a travel team called Atlanta Premier, and is a member of many school clubs including Student Council and serves as Beta Club Vice President. She enjoys creative writing, reading, and watching mysteries and crime shows.