Grandpop’s Hat
by John Carney

Look at the delight on that face
Peeking out from under the officer’s hat
Swimming over my little boy head
For a moment feeling large like him
The man I knew my Grandpop to be

The uniform fit a man well over six feet
Trim, yet angular and muscular
Aging, but still physically formidable
To a boy of five, draped in his work clothes
The pride of a grandson swelled me so they fit

The moment, captured in the photograph
Is all I have left to remember the moment
Even after the injury that slowed the man
Him, suddenly aging much faster than me
The pride still fills the face, remembering…

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: The photo, taken by my mother, is of me in my grandfather’s security hat and uniform.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The photo of me when I was five sits on a piece of furniture in our living room.   The picture always brings back fond memories of staying at my grandparents’ house and watching my grandpop get ready for work. I don’t usually wear hats, but this call for submissions brought this picture of my childhood joy to mind.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Carney has been writing as self-expression for the past eight years. He began writing as a way to pass time on the train and his passion has been ignited by the reward of finding the blank page filled with ideas, emotions, and thoughts that somehow make their way through the pen to the paper. He has recently begun writing and editing short stories from his youth, and working on his first historical fiction novel.