An Acrostic — Me at Seventeen
by Alice Morris

making final plans to attend the University of Minnesota
everything being set up for apartment and roommates
amazed to finally be uncaged from high school —
thinking of letting my curly hair fly free
stressed about friends being drafted
every night, dire images of ’Nam
very tense atmosphere in USA
enrolled in first semester
nervous, but excited
tuition and rent —
enough cash
earned to stretch two years
note — need to work — never lose sight of undergrad degree

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION:  At 17, a beautiful setting for reflecting on my rapidly approaching future (1969).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: 17 was such a big year. So many emotions and changes in myself, and the country.I decided to use the Acrostic form to write about Me at Seventeen. Back in 1969,what was most on my mind? Where were my emotions? What were my goals, and worries?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Alice Morris, a Minnesota native, earned her BS from Towson State University, and MS from Johns Hopkins. She comes to writing with a background in art — published in a West Virginia textbook and The New York Art Review. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in The Broadkill Review, is included in a chapbook, themed poetry collections and anthologies, most recently, Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts by Les Femmes Folles Books. Also published by Silver Birch Press, The Avocet, The Weekly Avocet, and Delaware Beach Life.