hoff drawing
Lost Words
by Jeanie Axton

Lost words
Penned years ago
Through the night
Ideas flowed

The old folder
Searched for ages
Gone missing
No idea where

Remembering words
Deep down within
Gradually surfacing
Poking through briefly

Light through the clouds
A little bit of sun
Simmering and smoldering
Wanting to get out

Found words
Bursting through
The old the new
Coming together

Flowing freely
Penned again
A new folder
Renewed passion

IMAGE: “Woman Reading,” drawing by H. James Hoff. Prints available at fineartamerica.com.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In the Poem “Lost Words” I write about a folder of children’s poems written 30 years ago and lost. A renewed passion in the last few years brought back the words and more to follow. Normally writing funny children’s poems that rhyme it has been a learning curve for me writing this poem.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeanie Axton lives in Mt Gambier in the South East of South Australia. She is a teacher at a local R-12 College specializing in Design, Multimedia, and Food Technology. She has been writing to build up a collection of poems for many years and has begun publishing them online. He favourite genre is children’s nonsense poem,s especially writing about animal antics. For example in 2016 she wrote fortnightly for Dogslife.com.au.