Heaven on Earth
by Euline Joseph

For what it’s worth
Heal your inner self first
Organic foods from the soil
Early land plant evolution
Eat pods and seeds when they are young
Leaves and fruits from trees all around
Let the fish in the ocean swim
Please, set the forest animals free
No more processed carcasses
No more tons of garbage
Chant for rain
Do a snake dance for rain to come again
Wireless device
Generates toxic waste
Embrace the power of prayer to communicate
Sounds from your soul inspire, heal
Cherish our Garden of Eden
You are the lifeforce
Energy field
Heal yourself
In order for the earth
to heal
Heal Heal Heal

ठीक होना

PAINTING: Animals in a Landscape by Franz Marc (1914).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Healing the earth begins with ME. Only when I have a deep appreciation for WHO I AM, then I can appreciate my physical home. In my poem I highlight the physical and spiritual aspects of healing and how it impacts the earth.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Euline Joseph seeks refuge in a pen and paper to calm her raging spirit from an abusive relationship. The passionate bond with words compelled her to enroll with Writers’ Bureau of England. She is feverishly working on her autobiography and has published articles for SweetTNT magazine. When opportunity presents itself, she embraces singing, dancing, music, art, cooking, and baking. She hopes to inspire others by encouraging them to take ONE STEP FORWARD! Visit her on Instagram and find more on her website.