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F E N G – S H U I
by Robert Lima

of the living
and the dead
are to be sited
in harmony
with local currents
of the Cosmic Breath,
the Demons to be kept
a f a r,
good fortune
to be had
when all is as it should be
in the scheme of things


Wind and Water
through the
Geomantic Art
give sense to the
of life on Earth,
an integration of Elementals
fostering what needs to be
for Earth to heal

PAINTING: Harmony (Wa) by Maki Haku.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Feng-Shui” is premised on the philosophy of following the right way to improve life. While the system has many applications, as in the poem’s first stanza,  I’ve chosen to have the last stanza focus on the path towards healing of the Earth.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Lima is a Cuban-born, award-winning American poet, and an internationally recognized critic, cultural historian, bibliographer, playwright, and translator. Among his numerous critical studies are books on García Lorca, Valle-Inclán, Borges, Surrealism, folklore, dramatic literature, and translations of plays and poetry. He was invited and read his poetry for the archives at the Hispanic Division of The Library of Congress. He has published 18 poetry collections and 20 prose books. Knighted by His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain in 2003 and by the Prince of Borbón in 2017, he is listed in Who’s Who in the World and other international directories.