ImageOn March 6, 2014, Punk Hostage Press released Dreams Gone Mad With Hope, a 114-page poetry collection by S.A. Griffin.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: One of the secret affinities of Griffin’s poetry, revealed in his most current volume, Dreams Gone Mad With Hope, is with Emerson and Thoreau – once celebrated poets of the American Transcendental movement, today remembered more for their philosophical prose than their rapt verse. In “Walt Whitman’s Beard,” Griffin assumes the voice of the poet-outlaw. He quickly runs past Whitman through a history of outsider poets from Rimbaud to Ted Joans, before ending in the sheer romanticism of Emerson and Thoreau. The sentiment that closes “Beard” declares the rapture of human nature by suggesting “there are no rules/except the ones you follow/now go.” Somewhere in between the intro and the benediction, Griffin takes leave of the reader with a plangent declaration of his faith in madness, dreams, and adventure

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