by Q. Gibson
Brown sugar skin bathed in mahogany undercurrents; sepia shadows lay           nigh.
Corkscrew kinks atop pundit reasoning. Spout fat and full of merciful            peace.
Eyes that have seen blaze turned to honeysuckle; nostrils flared from            whiffs of
Pungent war. Fragments of bone and blood compose symphonies of            russet melodies.
Shoulders lay bare for crying eyes. Curvature cuts the silhouette full            force,
Leaving behind sterling scabs. Illustrious glow, virtuous grace; ever            blooming.

PAINTING: “Diva Blue” from Frank Morrison‘s Soul Sista Collection.

PHOTO: Photo of the author, taken via iPhone (2011).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I like to create words according to imagery and memory of specific visuals. I love Frank Morrison’s recreation of the African American women and people through truthful imagery and moments in time.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Q. Gibson is a photographer and young writer of poetry and prose. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo and currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. Q is also mother to a two-year-old son named Jonah, and is currently working on her first self-published book.