That Top Hat
by Richard Harries

I was twelve
Yes twelve
The youngest of four
My sister got married

I was a thin
I was put into
A top hat
Yes a top hat
And tails

I felt
An utter prat
Yes a prat
This was the sixties
I was meant to be swinging
Not stood around like a geek

I was tall
Nearly six foot
Did I mention I was lanky?
Well how tall did I feel
In a top hat?
Top hat
And with those tails!

It is so long ago
Yet I remember it still
And when hats are mentioned
I return to that
Very memorable day

© Richard Harries

Photo by Sofia Pallares, used by permission. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was inspired by the prompt. The mention of hats immediately brought this occasion to mind, and as it is some 50 years ago I think that it must have been traumatic to a pre-teenager!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard Harries is 64 years of age and writes many sorts of poems. He appears at many festivals and charity events. His varied work ranges from serious subjects like homelessness, Aids, and suicide to children’s stories and comedy. He has a youtube channel where is work can be seen — just google rcpoems and to view them.

AUTHOR PHOTO CAPTION: The image is me in performance earlier in 2016 at the Filey Folk Festival . Photo by Julie Cawkwell