We asked the 97 contributors to the Nancy Drew Anthology (Silver Birch Press, October 2016) to send photos featuring the book in their home environments. Author Paul Fericano provided this photo where he’s holding his copy of the Nancy Drew Anthology on a very foggy day in the city of his birth, San Francisco. Behind him are the historic Seal Rocks formation islands just offshore the Pacific Ocean and at the north end of Ocean Beach. Paul contributed the poem “My Prom Date with Nancy Drew,” featured below, to the 212-page anthology.

My Prom Date with Nancy Drew

Ever since you can remember
he comes through the front door
hat in hand both arms outstretched
greets you the same way every night
solve any mysteries lately?
Then laughs big and broad
and musses your hair
and lifts you on his knee
the one with shrapnel from the war
limping and dragging his shadow
like Chester in Gunsmoke
and prompting all his friends to ask
how’s Mr. Dillon?

It’s strange to think of this now
eager and anxious
ringing your doorbell
corsage in a pink box under arm
meeting him for the first time
standing with pipe in one hand
newspaper in the other
studying me in my white sport coat
my polished wingtips
asking which Hardy are you? Frank or Joe?
And me with a dumb quizzical look
in the glow of a yellow porch light
wondering what to say
And you standing next to him
hair up shimmering in blue formal
rolling your eyes and smiling

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Fericano is a poet, satirist, social activist and co-founder of the parody news syndicate, Yossarian Universal News Service (1980). His work has appeared in numerous publications since 1970, including The Wormwood Review, New York Quarterly, The Realist, Mother Jones, Saturday Night Live, Charlie Hebdo (Paris), Punch (London) and Krokodil (Moscow). He is the author of several books and chapbooks of poetry, including Loading the Revolver with Real Bullets (Second Coming Press, 1977), Sinatra, Sinatra (Poor Souls Press, 1982), and The Hollywood Catechism (Silver Birch Press, 2015), a National Book Award nominee. Since 2003, he’s been the director of SafeNet, a reconciliation group for clergy abuse survivors with a focus on the healing process, and writes a column on this issue, “A Room With A Pew” (

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