by Karen Sawyer

I take one last look
at the people I’ve known
for so long.
It all looks so familiar,
so routine. But I never
dreamed I would finally
be the one wearing the
cap and gown.

The speaker talks
and we impatiently
listen to words
about life and what
our place is in this
world. This will stick
with some and others
will forget before
the ceremony is
over. But that’s typical.

A part of my life is over now
and as I leave my school
and friends, I also leave
a part of me. Most of these
people I will never see again.
I’ll forget some them
ever even existed.

Pausing as I walk past
familiar faces, I look for
words but they stick in
my throat so I smile
and walk past, reflecting
on memories of past
years and events.

I guess I should be happy
but somewhere deep inside
of me there is a feeling of
nostalgic loneliness. I don’t
really know where to turn.
But life goes on and so will I.

PHOTO: The author at 17, high school graduation.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is actually a poem I wrote for my senior English class when I was 17. It was my last semester of high school and I was about to graduate. Life was full of mystery and excitement but I was also feeling nostalgic and unsure, as comes across in the poem. My teacher was quite pleased with the poem it catapulted me into the world of writing!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Karen Sawyer’s work has appeared in Loving Moments, Silver Birch Press, Precious, Precocious Moments, Wounded Women of the Bible, The Secret Place Devotional, guest posts in Mother Inferior blog and Unsent Letters blog, Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend magazine, and MONTROSE ANYTIME magazine. She has contributed numerous articles to ehow, and Demand Media’s other web-based sites. She taught elementary school for seven years before her children were born. Karen lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband of 29 years. They are the parents of two adult children.